Can Electric Cars be Towed?


Electric cars have many benefits; the vehicle costs less in operation and is more environmentally friendly. However, electric cars may still encounter breakdowns despite the many advantages it has.

Like any other automobiles, without proper maintenance, they will go down easily. Should a breakdown happens, you will need the help of towing operators to move the electric car.

Causes of Breakdown

Flat Tire

Tires are common issues for all types of vehicles. One quick fix is to have a patching kit to seal off the hole. However, this is only a temporary solution. The best way is to replace the damaged tire.

Battery Issue

The battery of an electric car is absolutely essential. Recharging the battery is a daily routine. But there are just times when a person forgets to do so. The disadvantage of an electric car is that while regular fuel powered vehicle can obtain petrol or diesel fairly easily from gas stations, it is not the same for electric cars. One simply cannot charge the car easily on the open road. Also, should the battery wears out, it has to be replaced.

Before the Car is Towed

When you need the electric car to be towed, request for a flatbed tow truck. Electric cars do not have a neutral position which allows the wheels to be moved without affecting the motor. Should the car be towed using traditional towing methods such as wheel lift or hook and chain tow trucks, the motor will be damaged.

Charge the Car First

Before you want the electric car towed, you may want to ask if the towing company is able to provide charging for the electric car. There are charging trucks designed to offer to recharge electric vehicles.

Will Towing An Electric Car Recharge It

There are claims of recharging electric cars by having them towed by other vehicles. This is not advised because the warranty can be broken.

To recharge an electric car using towing, the wheels of the electric car need to touch the ground, also the driver has to use the brakes. In this way, regernative breaking can be triggered. The control with the brake is also important; the driver cannot just step on the brakes as the car will come to a halt.

In Summary

Preparation beforehand is always the best way to prevent any roadside breakdowns. Regular maintenance of a vehicle is crucial, but there still can be unexpected difficulties.

It is always handy to have the telephone number of a towing company, no matter the type of vehicle you are driving. Be certain the towing service provider has the right tow truck for your electric vehicle before you choose to hire them.