Replacement Car Battery Compton

One of the most common car problems is the issue of car battery replacement. Sometimes a jump start just will not work for dead batteries. Typically, car batteries will need replacement after two to five years. So it is not surprising that many car owners tend to overlook the need for maintenance. This is the reason why many face vehicle breakdowns due to flat batteries.

When You Need Car Battery Replacement

If you need to change your car battery, Compton Compton Towing Service & Roadside Assistance is here to help. We offer car battery replacement service in Los Angeles, Compton, and surrounding areas. Our roadside technicians will examine and check if the issue requires jump starting or battery replacement. We provide fast and affordable services, and will reach you in the shortest time possible right after you call our dispatch. Our team is trained, experienced, and well equipped to provide the best roadside solution you need.

Car Battery Replacement | Replacement Car Battery

What Could Lead to Dead Battery

No batteries will last forever, and surely they will expire one day when they have finished their courses. The lifespan of car batteries is between two to five years. Battery replacements are necessary after these time intervals.

Another cause for a dead battery is the lack of usage. If the car is left in the garage without using it for a while, the battery may not work. It can happen if the car is left in storage for a long time.

A dead battery can happen after leaving your headlights on for a prolonged period of time. It can also happen if you use the devices in the car (such as a radio) for long periods. Another cause could be leaving your car door open and leaving the interior lights on. All the above can drain the power of the car battery. The main cause of this is the alternator is not running. However, the issue can be resolved using a jump start to the battery.

The alternators are what keeps the car batteries charged. Thus, bad or poor alternator will cause a series of operational and electrical issues in your car. Flickering lights and problems starting the car are all signs of a bad alternator.

Let Our Experts Handle the Car Battery Replacement

Do not take the chance to replace the dead battery by yourself if you are unfamiliar with the procedures. You may also get hurt or damage the car components if done incorrectly. Call our roadside assistance and let the professionals do the work for you. Our technicians will find the issue and have them addressed, and you will be back on the road in no time. In cases where the batteries cannot be replaced, we can offer towing service to you and move your vehicle to an auto repair shop, or a location you name.

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