Towing & Transmission Issues


Using your vehicle to tow, even at a short distance, can cause notable damage to the transmission of that vehicle. Although proper maintenance and proper towing with a vehicle will usually not damage the transmission, however, certain towing errors will prove otherwise.

A vehicle will work harder when towing a trailer, this is because of the excess weight. The fluids inside the transmission and engine will heat up. The heating will expand, seal up and harden up certain metal parts. Thus it is suggested to take vehicles for a check on fluid levels for precaution.

When the transmission goes out while driving, you may need the service from a towing company or roadside assistance provider. A vehicle can’t run on the road without a functional and safe transmission. To prevent a major repair, remain observant towards the symptoms and signs of transmission failure.

Mistakes in Towing that can Damage Transmission

Vehicles have maximum tow ratings. So if one does not pay attention to the ratings, and overload the vehicle with trailer weights which exceed the recommended weight, then that will cause many issues to the transmission. Furthermore, failing brake systems and broken suspensions are possible damages to the vehicle.

The tires of the towing vehicle need proper inflation before any tow trip. So when the tire pressure is not checked, the overinflated or underinflated tires can make the vehicle work more than usual to move. Another risk of failing to check tire pressure is getting a blowout.

It is recommended to use manual transmission when towing. This is because manual transmissions tend to function better than automatic transmissions. Ensure cruise control is disabled if towing with automatic; watch out for the acceleration because if the acceleration is fast, it can cause overheating to the transmission when towing.

Signs Related to Transmission Problems

Slipping gears are probably an early sign the transmission may be on the brink of failure. When your gears are slipping, you will notice the power and speed of your vehicle changes at random. Irregular acceleration is a sign of slipping gears; strange, high-pitched sounds can be heard from the engine in such scenarios.

Rough shifting is a sign that the transmission requires immediate attention. When the vehicle rough shifts, it will not shift between gears. The engine will also rev more just before the transmission changes gears. When the transmission has problem shifting gears, a loud clunking sound can be heard. Normal, regular transmissions should not make any unusual sounds

When you see transmission fluid stains on the floor underneath the vehicle, it is likely to have there is a fluid leak in your transmission system. This leak may come from the fluid lines, torque converter seal, or pan gasket.

When the transmission engine smell like they are burning, this is a huge sign of danger. This is because low transmission fluid can overheat and burn the transmission system, so the burning smell is the result of this critical situation. When you notice this, tow the vehicle to a repair shop immediately.

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