Winch Out

If your car has trailed off from the road track and fell into the ditch, waters, mud, or sand, you will need a winch out service. Compton Towing Service & Roadside Assistance is here to provide the assistance you need.

Drivers do veer into these undesirable situations, so the first thing you should do is not to panic. Call for a winch out service provider and inform your current situation.

Meaning of Winch Out

A winch is a device, usually drum wrapped with thick wires meant for heavy duty pulling. At the end of the winch is a big hook. It is attached and fastened to the vehicle that has been trapped in the undesirable spots. Once the hook is secured, a hydraulic motor will pull the wire back toward the winch. Winching typically involves pulling objects out from certain places.

Winch Out Service | Towing | Roadside Assistance

Think about this scenario; you are driving on a pitch dark road, a wicked curve and you accidentally have driven your car into a ditch. As the vehicle fell from the road several meters away, the only way to recover it is to call for towing assistance.

Winching is a safe and effective towing method that is offered by many towing and roadside assistance companies. However, it requires training, skill, and equipment such as a winch to retrieve the vehicle properly without damaging the frame or the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Professional Winch Out, Towing and Roadside Assistance

We have assisted drivers with our winch out services in various scenarios. Apart from getting stuck in a ditch, we also have recovered vehicles stuck in sand or the mud.

Please do provide as much information regarding the current situation you are in. Your location, the type of vehicle you are driving (car, SUV, van or others), the approximate distance of the vehicle away from a road, nearby highway or buildings, the number of tires still in contact with a surface, is the vehicle overturned, and the condition of the surrounding terrain (is the vehicle in mud, water, sand, ditch or other places). We can also better prepare our team to advance the recovery process and get your vehicle back onto the road.

People do make mistakes sometimes. You can depend on our experienced team and equipment to keep your vehicle in its best condition possible.

We also provide towing services and roadside assistance. If you need a wheel lift, flatbed, car towing, jump start, tire change, and other services, feel free to give us a call.

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